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Fiat Bertone x1/9 Prototypes














 1980 x1/9 2+2


1981 x1/9 ICSUNODIECI x10




1988 x1/9 GT CABRIO


1990 x1/9


2005 x1/99

Geneva Motor Show 2005 
IED X1/99 concept

The X1/99 is a contemporary sports car design that takes inspiration from the original, Bertone designed X1/9 of 1972. Designed by seven students of the post-diploma transportation course at the European Institute of Design in Turin, the X1/9 aims to show what type of 'sporting Fiat' would rejuvenate the brand if produced. 
The conceptís core functional innovation is a roof that folds to become a rear seat when the car is open, although only having rear seats when the roof is off might not be such a strong USP. A relatively long wheelbase, a unique design theme and well resolved surfaces make this an attractive and distinct design, if not as expressive as the Stratos, another compact, mid engine, early seventies sports car reincarnation debuting at the show. 
But what is particularly unique about this design is that it demonstrates a successful collaboration between educational and business establishments - in this case Fiat and Webasto. In doing so it exposes studentsí capabilities in an environment of industry concept and production cars, and generates valuable publicity for the sponsoring companies. Lets hope that we see more of this type of project in the future...














2004 - Handmade Electric 12v x1/9 Rideon for Kids Located in Greece